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Dr. Abhishek Raj (Aesthetic Expert, MD)

Has been practicing in the field of facial aesthetics for over 8 years and has prepared several candidates for beauty pageants across the country. He has the technical dexterity, artistic eye and devotion to make that happen for you. Whether it is to create a more chiseled jawline, improve under eye hollows, shape a cheek or plump your lips, a complete understanding of anatomy and aging is essential for unimaginable results. He is one of the best cosmetologist and aesthetic expert, who brings in-depth experience, world-class technology, and products.

Dr. Abhishek Raj
MD of  Aesthetics Headquarters

Aesthetics Headquarters is one of the Best Cosmetic clinic in Bangalore, India. We use world-renowned products for all treatments.We take care of all your skin and hair concerns.
Our aim is to bring a smile on our client’s face.Bangalore’s premier state of the art skin, hair and laser clinic, Aesthetic Headquarters is your destination for an impeccable skin, chiseled features and luminous strong hair.With the most advanced and cutting edge lasers and medical devices, AHQ customizes treatment plans for all of your skin concerns. Every detail to get impressive results is individualized whether it be to skin type, wrinkle or pigmentation.

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