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Skin brightening procedures

Our advanced line of latest generation peels for skin rejuvenation and embellishment. They are indicated for improvement of skin appearance by chemoexfoliation and elimination of dead cells, encouraging the surfacing of regenerated smoother, softer skin with fewer blemishes and wrinkles.

At aesthetic headquarter we prevail your old wrinkling skin with our rejuvenation technologies along with that we mastered in art of skin brightening and lightening we provide this services to every skin tone as there is always an improvement every day in our life.

Aesthetics Headquarters Best Skin Brightening Clinic

What Does Skin Brightening Treatment?

The duration of your Skin Brightening services depends on your skin tone. If you have a medium brown skin complexion then we would expect up to 6 months of weekly Skin Brightening intravenous drips. If you have a dark brown skin complexion then we would expect up to 12 months of weekly Skin Brightening drips. You need to be aware that the result is patient-dependent. This will be discussed in full at your consultation. We recommend one or two in clinic drips a week, with the use of suppositories at home for optimum results.

Skin Brightening is a reduction of the pigmentation in the skin and more generally dealing with discoloration issues or evening out skin tone. Skin brightening is used to increase radiance, glow and vibrancy to the skin.

At Aesthetic Headquarter we have a wide range of methods and solutions to these issues to suit all skin types. These treatments deliver outstanding results especially in combination with a Medi-facial treatment. 

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