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Hair Mesotherapy

Every person wants to have an attractive body at aesthetic Headquarter we not only provide aesthetic services for body care but we also carry out hair Mesotherapy treatment as like any other leading Aesthetic clinic

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, and known as the latest technique for hair rejuvenation. Mesotherapy treatment consists of gently cleaning the scalp, then micro injecting small doses of the necessary medicines just below the scalp. The medicines used include Vasodilators for the improvement of distal circulation, and vitamin activators to encourage growth. This improves partially blocked microcirculation systems, loosening aging pillar cysts. Better circulation allows your hair follicles to be better nourished and which can improve hair regrowth.

 Also aesthetic headquarter familiarized with the course of the time with latest trends and technologies in industry to promise best in class treatment for our client. Though, we have been saying that we are leading hair and skin aesthetic clinic in all over Bangalore.

Aesthetics Headquarters Best Hair Regrowth Treatment Clinic

Hair Fall Treatment

Now a day’s Hair Loss is a very common Issue for the people living in metro cities because of heavy pollution and there are many other reasons which may causes for the hair loss like Heredity issues, food habits, past medical history and due to medication.
So, We at Aesthetic headquarter as the best hair loss treatment clinic in Bangalore best known for aesthetic services and providing the solution for the hair loss and skin issues with 96% customer satisfaction. We were considered best aesthetic clinic in all over south India.

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