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Body Sculpting

Non surgical fat reduction and skin tightening using non-invasive thermal energy, cryolipolysis, radiofrequency waves, microfocused ultrasound, thread lifting, and other advanced medical techniques. These technologies tone and tighten the most stubborn pockets of unwanted fat, cellulite, and sagging skin for personally tailored, natural looking, long- lasting results.

Body sculpting became a go to treatment in 21st century. We believe the we can provide natural looking body by using the best in class services from the industry’s leading clinic – Aesthetic Headquarter we consider our client as our family.


Aesthetics headquarters best Body Sculpting Treatment

Body-sculpting typically refers to treatments that destroy fat cells without surgery. Some of the procedures work by freezing fat cells, others use penetrated heat through radiofrequency or ultrasound therapy, promising to help reshape your abdomen, thighs, bottom, thighs and upper arms after a few sessions.

How do body-sculpting treatments work?

The treatments all work in a similar way, breaking down fat cells which your body’s lymphatic system eventually flushes away within a few months. Some treatments claim that, after treatment, those areas are less likely to accumulate as many fat cells in the long term.

Also, we do specialize in the body-sculpting over 1000 clients served with 100% result-oriented process will be provided at Aesthetic Headquarter.

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